My Online-dating Escapades (Experiences)

I blogged about joining a dating site some time last year and I haven’t really given an update on my experience. It has been both fun and annoying. Fun because I meet cool crazy people and have random conversations with. Annoying because it is time consuming and you always meet the occasional “I am the man of your dreams” guy who really is not the man of your dreams! And I learned that online dating takes a lot of work! Going through hundreds of profiles, sifting through the weirdoes to find something you might like. Well, at the time I joined I had a lot of time on my hands; I was unemployed. 

I chatted up a few guys, exchanged phone numbers and started texting back and forth. One guy really cracked me up and I never ever saw us getting together; he was always bragging about how successful he was and how his life is just great! It’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments but if that’s all you ever talk about, good luck out there! I am all for success but try not to make it your only topic of choice. I want to know you, the person, not just what fun you are always having and how you have done so well for yourself. Oh the parts that cracked me up were when he sent me pics of his fun nights out. That is all he ever did! Every two days, like clockwork, I received a pic of him either at the office being bored, or him out having fun. I am still not clear on why he felt the need to keep sending me those pics.

He wasn’t a good conversationalist. So I kept asking myself why I still replied to his typical texts of; “hey baby, how are you doing today? I can’t wait till we meet. Have a good day baby.” I have no idea when we moved to baby or how, considering the limited conversations we had. The only diversion from the norm was when the text read; “I am leaving town for work, going to a new location.” That was about as interesting as it got. Eventually I got bored. When he asked when we would meet up, I managed to blow him off and eventually we just stopped talking to each other.

And then I met this other guy who was the total opposite of Mr. successful above. This one was all chatty and conversational. Only problem was, I did not like him. He was not my type (and I always argue that I have no type, though I do know what I do not want). I felt bad and just chatted with him and eventually met up with him for dinner. It was a good dinner, not at all awkward but I knew we could never be anything more than friends. Maybe he too felt the same way because we did not speak after that. Ever! The one time I heard from him, he sent me an email referring me to a site where I could get freelance jobs. He was really nice, it’s a pity we did not click.

That is not the end of my tales. I have one more! LOL. Actually there’s more than one but I choose not to bore you guys with all my gory tales of online nightmares. This one was different. He was nice. I liked him. I am not sure what I liked about him though. We texted every day, all day and before I knew it, he gravitated to calling me. Big mistake! Well not really, but he has an annoying squeaky high pitched tone, which was not a deal breaker per se but some cause for concern. Until I reminded myself that the guys I know with beautiful voices turn out to not be as “beautiful” as they sound. We got along great but we never met. I fell ill and right into the New Year, he stopped texting. I wondered what happened to him but I wasn’t the creep that would text to find out what happened to him. I can be a stalker but it depends on who I am stalking. I never thought about him until now as I write this blog. Maybe I will text him. Or not. Maybe he wasn’t feeling it anymore.

Anyway, that is the end of my online escapades. I will blog about more later. But for now, I am still single and currently going through a dry spell. There is no one interesting enough catching my eye online. And maybe I should broaden my horizons and not stick with the one website that I have been holding onto for dear life! You would think it was the only site out there. But then having a full time job and going to school full time kind of hinder you from the joys of being on multiple sites.

I have fun meeting new people online, weirdoes and normal people alike. It is a great experience and I look forward to my next adventure! Till we meet again guys, ciao! 


About KayCee

The About Me section is always the hardest part for me to do. I never seem to know how to fill it in but I will try. Here goes; I am a fun loving person who also happens to be somewhat anti-social. This is not deliberate, I just lack social skills. Anyway, I love to write about pretty much anything but I have dedicated this page to talking about my life with hyperhidrosis and how it affects the most mundane tasks. I love laughing. It can be annoying because people think I don't take them seriously when I laugh but I do. Laughter works as defense mechanism when I feel cornered or just cannot give an answer right away. Or when I really feel the need to laugh :) I am usually quiet til I know you. A bit of a cynic but I always try to see the good in people. I still believe in humanity at the same time wondering if we will make it. I am a walking contradiction apparently. And that is it about me. Happy reading! :)
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