The Power of Scent

I smell rain. It is a beautiful smell of rain drops hitting the hot, dry ground. The scent produced from the mixture of rain and dust is simply amazing! I am transported from my office in the basement, which has one window that is never opened to a whole different continent. I am back home in Zambia, Ndola to be specific. I remember being happy.


I am lying in bed with the then boyfriend, terrified of the thunder and lightning going on outside and screaming every few minutes (yes, it frightens me that much despite my age *ducks*). He doesn’t laugh at my childishness, instead he finds it cute. Also, this gives him the opportunity to pull me closer to him as he “protects” me. I do not object.

My fear of thunder and lightning is real. So I enjoy the embrace and scream into his arms. A shiver runs through me every time it blasts outside. And every time, he holds me closer, rubbing my back and whispering it will be alright and he is there to protect to me. I cannot control the terror that courses through me but I know I am safe in his arms. And for this I am grateful.

Mahn, where the heck did this particular scent come from!? It’s not even raining outside and I am in the darn basement. No windows either. Feeling nostalgic all of a sudden. This particular memory is from five years ago. Took me by surprise. Arrrgggghhhhh time to shake it off and get back to work.




About KayCee

The About Me section is always the hardest part for me to do. I never seem to know how to fill it in but I will try. Here goes; I am a fun loving person who also happens to be somewhat anti-social. This is not deliberate, I just lack social skills. Anyway, I love to write about pretty much anything but I have dedicated this page to talking about my life with hyperhidrosis and how it affects the most mundane tasks. I love laughing. It can be annoying because people think I don't take them seriously when I laugh but I do. Laughter works as defense mechanism when I feel cornered or just cannot give an answer right away. Or when I really feel the need to laugh :) I am usually quiet til I know you. A bit of a cynic but I always try to see the good in people. I still believe in humanity at the same time wondering if we will make it. I am a walking contradiction apparently. And that is it about me. Happy reading! :)
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