Part 7

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For some reason, writing this essay proved hard. I figured it would be easy since I am talking about myself and it has always been easy when I write essays. But this time around, it was different. I am unsure as to why it was difficult; maybe it was picking a starting point, what to tell, what not to tell. My mind was whirling with ideas, all over the place but I could not for the life of me pick one thought and put it down. I think the real reason is that, by writing this paper, by telling the story of my life lived with hyperhidrosis, I would be sharing a very private part of myself. I am putting down what I know in my head and in my life but that have never really been shared with anyone before.

But for the sake of academia, I must write this because I chose this particular topic not realizing how hard it would be. I should also state that despite my struggle writing this paper, I am glad to do it. Without this push, I never would have done this, never would have shared this particular journey with other human beings. But now that I have started to write about it, I feel like I should continue and actually take it to the next level; blog about my daily struggles living with hyperhidrosis. There is some kind of liberation in writing about my struggles and seeing them in a different perspective when they are written down.

My rationale for writing this essay is simple; I suffer from a severe form of hyperhidrosis, neurological hyperhidrosis affecting my hands, feet and recently armpits. I decided to write about it because it is not something I like to talk about and never really address. I feel that writing about it will allow me to discuss something I have never talked about it and maybe in this way, it will enable me to have a different perspective of it. I want to share my story because there are not many stories out there and hopefully it will help someone. I am inviting others to step into my life, into an experience that is not theirs and may never be part of otherwise. I decided to share my narrative because “the stories people tell are important because they offer an unmatched window into subjective experience, but also because they are part of the image people have of themselves. These narrative self-representations exert enormous power. They shape how we conduct our lives, how we come to terms with pain, what we are able to appropriate of our own experience, and what we disown-at the familiar price of neurosis” (Hyden B).

To be continued…



About KayCee

The About Me section is always the hardest part for me to do. I never seem to know how to fill it in but I will try. Here goes; I am a fun loving person who also happens to be somewhat anti-social. This is not deliberate, I just lack social skills. Anyway, I love to write about pretty much anything but I have dedicated this page to talking about my life with hyperhidrosis and how it affects the most mundane tasks. I love laughing. It can be annoying because people think I don't take them seriously when I laugh but I do. Laughter works as defense mechanism when I feel cornered or just cannot give an answer right away. Or when I really feel the need to laugh :) I am usually quiet til I know you. A bit of a cynic but I always try to see the good in people. I still believe in humanity at the same time wondering if we will make it. I am a walking contradiction apparently. And that is it about me. Happy reading! :)
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