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Out Of Pain, Beauty is Born

Out of pain, beauty is born. My creativity springs not from a place of happiness, of bright lights and shiny bubbles but from gut wrenching pain which engulfs me to the core. To rise out of this pit of darkness, … Continue reading

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Dreams now turned into memories

I was reminded yesterday about a time in my life I used to draw. I was actually pretty good at it and could reproduce anything you asked me to. I did some creative drawing too though they did not always … Continue reading

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Letting go of a-once-upon-a-time-great friendship

A friend face book messaged me today (yesterday) to see how I am doing. She and I barely talk these days. After the courtesy check on each other’s lives, we have nothing more to talk about. It’s always the same … Continue reading

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“You Gat This; Even With Wet Hands Lol”

“Nerves are killing me!! I have an interview in less than 30 mins. My hands won’t dry (insert gritting teeth emoji).” “You got this exe :-D” “Even with wet hands lol” “Lmao I hate interviews They suck I only ever … Continue reading

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