I’m Home and There’s No Wifi *Cringe*

I arrived home yesterday. Picking April Fools as an arrival day was fun. So many people didn’t believe me when I told them I was home. It was hilarious to me. Anyway, I just realized its a whole new ball game for my blog now. I no longer have the privilege of blogging whenever I have the whim. By this I mean I can write as per usual, I just cannot publish at lets say midnight or whenever I want to like I did before. I no longer have access to WiFi like that.

I now have to learn how to navigate the bundle buying lifestyle of data. Not sure how that works for laptops but I will soon find out. Also, I don’t like using my phone to post but I have a feeling this will soon change.

I knew I should have published my last post when I was still in Chicago. Don’t ask me why I didn’t because I honestly don’t have a concrete reason why I didn’t. I’m a work in progress. One day at a time.

For those that are curious, I am in Zambia. Yes, WiFi is available in most places, just not in my current home. Its still considered a luxury in this part of the world. Sucks to suck as my friend would say. Now I just have to unlearn the little luxuries I got used and get into the thick of things and life will be good.

Until then, I can be found in my little corner missing Chicago WiFi. Just kidding. I’m reading a non existent manual on navigating living back home. Fun fun fun.



About KayCee

The About Me section is always the hardest part for me to do. I never seem to know how to fill it in but I will try. Here goes; I am a fun loving person who also happens to be somewhat anti-social. This is not deliberate, I just lack social skills. Anyway, I love to write about pretty much anything but I have dedicated this page to talking about my life with hyperhidrosis and how it affects the most mundane tasks. I love laughing. It can be annoying because people think I don't take them seriously when I laugh but I do. Laughter works as defense mechanism when I feel cornered or just cannot give an answer right away. Or when I really feel the need to laugh :) I am usually quiet til I know you. A bit of a cynic but I always try to see the good in people. I still believe in humanity at the same time wondering if we will make it. I am a walking contradiction apparently. And that is it about me. Happy reading! :)
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9 Responses to I’m Home and There’s No Wifi *Cringe*

  1. tendu says:

    Welcome back! Zambia the real africa hahah

  2. Tendu says:

    Welcome to Zambia the real africa… the struggle is real my dear hahah

    • KayCee says:

      Hahahahaha you’re lucky I like to play nice on here 😜. But yeah, the struggle is real. I need to think through these life choices mwe Hehehehe

  3. Beaton says:

    The WiFi struggle is real…. I dream of a time when WiFi is like the air we breathe, like the ground we walk upon every breath you take, every step you take 🙂
    P.S. wordpress via phone is a chore, yes? But it is better than never being available, yes?

    • KayCee says:

      I can hardly wait for that time to come. And I guess it is better than falling off the grid but it sure is a pain. I am failing to use it consistently. I cannot justify my work and editing it is a pain. The struggle continues lol

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