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Random Thoughts Thursday

The question “what do you want?” seems innocent enough and should be quite easy to answer. Unless that person being asked is me and the person asking the question is my very good friend who only asks me this question … Continue reading

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I Am A Walking Contradiction

I think I need to take one of those personality type test thingies to figure out exactly what my personality is because I am a walking contradiction. For example, I have an irrational fear of heights. I get dizzy and … Continue reading

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Of Cavities and dentists

October of last year, I decided to go to a dentist, something I haven’t done since 2011 (and this was only for a cleaning. I really do hate anything doctor related but dentist is the worst. They should probably be … Continue reading

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Alcohol Free For A Year; 2016 Challenge

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL Y’ALL!! 2016. The year I embarked on a no alcohol journey. Now, I know saying I gave up alcohol makes me sound like I’m an alcoholic, but really I’m not. Well, I think I’m not. I … Continue reading

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Written 7/20/2015 Sometimes, sadness creeps up on you at your happiest moments, suddenly wiping that excitement bubbling inside of you. It warns you not, just hauling you off the peak of the mountain, dropping you straight down into the darkest, … Continue reading

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“When My Doc Tells Me To Sleep With Two Men”

Yes, you read that right. Below is a conversation I had some time last year with my gynecologist. Doc: “Are you sexually active?” Me: “Ummmm (why do I always feel like this is a trick question?) *scratches head* Yes”. Doc: … Continue reading

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Coworkers and what not

I try not to be mean but I feel like I fail miserably at it. So I will just go ahead and be mean. You can judge me for it, I don’t care. My coworker is ANNOYING! Well, both of … Continue reading

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Not everything …

Not everything has to make sense and therein lies the beauty of life. It’s what you do with the senseless that counts in the end Kasapo Chibwe

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