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Of Cavities and dentists

October of last year, I decided to go to a dentist, something I haven’t done since 2011 (and this was only for a cleaning. I really do hate anything doctor related but dentist is the worst. They should probably be … Continue reading

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Out Of Pain, Beauty is Born

Out of pain, beauty is born. My creativity springs not from a place of happiness, of bright lights and shiny bubbles but from gut wrenching pain which engulfs me to the core. To rise out of this pit of darkness, … Continue reading

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“When My Doc Tells Me To Sleep With Two Men”

Yes, you read that right. Below is a conversation I had some time last year with my gynecologist. Doc: “Are you sexually active?” Me: “Ummmm (why do I always feel like this is a trick question?) *scratches head* Yes”. Doc: … Continue reading

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Dear Boyfriend

At this particular moment, I am thinking of you. You have no idea that I am thinking about you or what I am thinking about you. It’s funny, I think of you when I wake up, I think of you … Continue reading

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Not everything …

Not everything has to make sense and therein lies the beauty of life. It’s what you do with the senseless that counts in the end Kasapo Chibwe

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Embrace Change

Change is inevitable Change is scary. It can be mind-numbing, dark and crippling if you let it. But then, change is inevitable. It occurs all the time, everywhere. Try as you might, you cannot run away from change. You can … Continue reading

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