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Yes or No

Sometimes, I am scared to ask a question because I know I will get more than I bargained for. I will get an earful that is unnecessary and ridiculously long. Where a simple yes or no will suffice, I will … Continue reading

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The Power of Scent

I smell rain. It is a beautiful smell of rain drops hitting the hot, dry ground. The scent produced from the mixture of rain and dust is simply amazing! I am transported from my office in the basement, which has … Continue reading

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“When My Doc Tells Me To Sleep With Two Men”

Yes, you read that right. Below is a conversation I had some time last year with my gynecologist. Doc: “Are you sexually active?” Me: “Ummmm (why do I always feel like this is a trick question?) *scratches head* Yes”. Doc: … Continue reading

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Dear Boyfriend

At this particular moment, I am thinking of you. You have no idea that I am thinking about you or what I am thinking about you. It’s funny, I think of you when I wake up, I think of you … Continue reading

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She up and QUIT

Annoying coworker number two just quit. No notice, no hint, nothing. She just walked in late this morning and announced she was done. She proceeded to write her resignation letter and walked out. Just like that. Boss is out of … Continue reading

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Mean Streak

As evidenced by my last post, I have a mean streak. There are times when I just can’t and I am mean as hell. I am also very nice. It is only people who actually know me that know both … Continue reading

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Coworkers and what not

I try not to be mean but I feel like I fail miserably at it. So I will just go ahead and be mean. You can judge me for it, I don’t care. My coworker is ANNOYING! Well, both of … Continue reading

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Operation ShutDown

So, I decided to pull the plug on online dating. Not because I met my soul mate but because I realized a few things; I created all those profiles out of sheer boredom. It was during winter, a time I … Continue reading

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